Manage your weight..go to FAT-Burning phase..FEEL GOOD!!!

The induction diet and 14-DAY (maximum FAT Burning, Dr. Atkins) foods will help serve you as part of your long-term diet programme. If at any time you have broken your diet program, you will simply return to the 14 maximum Fat-burning phase for a quick “jump start” to your long-term health program.

1- 20 GRAMS of Carbohydrate (carbs) a day is your limit.  With this intake of carbs, you can go into ketosis (i.e, fat burning) and begin burnng your fat!. 
2-Eat until you are full, not stuffed. When you are not hungury, eat nothing or a small protein snack ( eggs, chicken, etc.). 

3-Stay only with approved foods (below). This is essential to your SUCCESS!!!!!. Don’t cheat with just little sugar or sweets or chocolate, or any of other “addictive” foods or drink (coffee, tea, cola, pepsi etc.). 

4-Stick with pure proteins, pure fats (butter, olive oil, mayonnaise etc.) and combinations of portein and fat. NO PROTEIN AND CRABS OR FAT AND CRABS!!!!!!!. 

5-Use your carbohyrate gram counter to make certain what the crab.
*-super low- no crabs foods: Fish/ tuna/sardines (ALL FISH). 

_*Lamb meat, Beef (ALL MEAT)
-*Meat Fowl: turky, goose, chiken (ALL FOWL). 
*-Eggs: fried, scrambled, soft-boild, omelettes (All eggs).
_* shelfish: oyster, mussles, prawns, lobster (ALL SHELFISH). 


SALAD DRESSING: USE OLIVE OIL PLUS VINEGAR OR LEMON. Eat green leafs (rocket, lettuce, spinach) NO CARROT OR ANY POTATOES!!! salad with every dinner.

Please just make sure no sugar.

mineral water
Decaf Tea
Decaf Coffee

Please, buy artificial sweeteners : Stevia is the safest (sold in health food stores), Saccharin, aspartame and acesulame K are allowed./ but sorbitol, mannitol and other hexitols are not allowed.

Please be aware of commons MISTAKES to avoid with the 14-DAY Rapid-FAT LOSS FOODS: 

1- Remember that the 14-DAY diet includes NO Fruit, no bread, no grains, no any pasta, no rice, no starchy veggies or any dairy products (other than cheese, cream or butter).

2- No diet prouducts unless they state “contains NO Carbs). 

3- Don’t get tricked by “sugarless” lables.

4-Avoid other products that are high in crabs like chewing gum, cough syrups, cough drops, and herbal candies that often contain sugar. 

IF you mistaken any forbiden stuff, then you have to restart again. All my best wishes and good luck!.

Dr. FAWZY OSMAN SALAMA, Msc.,Dip.Clin.Psych,Ph.D. C.Psychol
Senior Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist
              GREAT BRITAIN
+44 (0)7550144423/+44 (0) 1792 465713

About neurosman

Words are magic, I deeply and strongly believe in the HERE and NOW. Worrying is a waste of time, once you have given over your hopes and dreams to GOD, He is in control and His Timing is Perfect, tomorrow, it's not you to SEE, and the past is past, all that's in your hand...HERE AND NOW, Each individual's reality is subjective, it is created by that individual's own mind, therefore every one of us must be always conscious of this fact. Just try to learn how is to BREATH DEEPLY AND RELAX nothing more nothing less! remember do not hope anything from needed as you are, just only ask and expect all the goodness from who create the needed, how can Destitue beseech the Destitute hope you enjoy reading my word weaving......
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